Murphy’s Law of Real Estate Photography

David Besnette

In the years I’ve been doing Real Estate Photography, I’ve noticed some consistent, almost ‘givens’ to expect that all seem to fall in line with Murphy’s Law.

Things don’t always wrong when we are shooting, but when they do….

  1. If you drop your equipment, it will always be on a wood floor.  Never on carpet.
  2. If your camera battery is to go dead, it will do so on the last shot of the day.
  3. Drone day = Garbage day in the neighborhood. Always.
  4. If the seller tells their dogs to “get down” or “be quiet” they will do the exact opposite.
  5. If the light is perfect when you arrive, seller will insist on chatting you up until the moment a cloud comes in.
  6. If the seller promises to stay out of the way, you’ll find out that they are an ‘amateur photographer’ and will hover behind you the whole time.

And finally, if they seller insists on playing music, it will be loud and distracting.

What are yours?  We’d love to hear them!

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