The idea behind How Would You Shoot It came to me through a repetitive question I have been asking myself over the years before almost every photo shoot.  “How would so-and-so shoot this subject or situation?”   I often think of some of my talented friends who are photographers, or  industry leaders, or perhaps someone I follow on Instagram that whose work I admire.

I’m sure some variation of this question enters most of our minds as we are with camera in-hand.

How would (name) shoot this kitchen”

“How would (name) shoot this wedding”

“How would (name) shoot this portrait”

“How would (name) shoot this backlit exterior”

“How would (name) shoot this basketball game in badly lit gym”

“How would you shoot this concert with low light”

And so on.

Of course, there is no one way to shoot anything with a camera.   Everyone has their style, equipment, technical skill and goals.   I’d like to think of this site as a place to discuss, or start a conversation about many of the common subjects or situations that we as photographers face on a day to day basis.

Maybe we’ll learn something new, or maybe we’ll confirm what we already know?

I encourage discussion, feedback, and above all else, positivity.

Lastly, I’d love to know:

How would YOU shoot it?